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modular vault products security storageYour wealth is always at risk. From precious metals and jewels to commercial pharmaceuticals and military weapons, International Vault safeguards your assets in whatever form they take.

As an industry leader with over 30 year's experience, we know more than vaults, we understand your vulnerabilities and how to safeguard the valuables and tangible resources that comprise your treasure.

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Vault Certifications

Why choose International Vault? Our vault lines and modular vault units meet or exceed the highest standards available. Our products are GSA rated and built to the toughest UL Standards for burglary resistant modular vaults and vault doors.

Our modular security units and custom vault solutions also meet Health Canada and European Norm standards. 

GSA Rated Vault DoorInternational Vault products are trusted by industries as diverse as the medical marijuana industry and police and military agencies.

We serve banks and the financial industry, jewelers and high-asset residential properties.

If there is value to protect, International Vault is there.

  • UL Certification 608 for burglary resistant modular vaults and vault doors covers our banking, safe deposit, and jewler products, including our MicroVaults and Excalibur and Gladiator vault doors.
  • Federal Specification AA-V-2737 covers all of our GSA Rated modular panel products, including our MegaCrete, MacroVault, and Lightweight Vault offerings.
  • Federal Specification AA-V-2940 covers our pre-assembleld modular armory product.
  • Federal Specifications AA-D-600A and AA-D-600D cover our GSA Rated, Class 5 vault door, the Scimitar.

International Vault products are manufactured to the most stringent security standards, including the modular vault security standards set forth by the US General Services Administration.

The image at right is one of our GSA rated doors.

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