Armored Vehicle Solutions

armored car servicesArmored Car, Cash in Transit Services

International Vault provides vaults to the armored car industry for secure storage.

  • Meets UL 608 certification standards for burglary resistance.
  • Cash from retail locations to banks and other financial institutions.
  • Gold and precious metal shipments.
  • Transportation of art collections.
  • Jewelry distribution to retail locations.

Our armored car vaults are designed to be bullet proof, shock resistant, and withstand extreme degrees of heat all while ensuring the well being of the goods inside.

At International Vault, we have a high security vault for each unique situation. Call us today at 833-311-3132, or visit our easy-to-use contact form.

Local, National, and Global Services

At International Vault, we live up to our name with every service provided, including armored car vaults.

Our goal is to protect your wealth, worldwide.

If you are concerned with the security of your cash in transit or armored car business, contact International Vault today and put our experience to work for you.

An armored car solution from International Vault is an essential part of maintaining a secure commercial operation. Want to learn more, call us at 833-311-3132.