Wire Cage Storage

Wire Cage StorageAt International Vault, we have our own in-house division dedicated to Wire Cage Solutions. Visit our new website, Security Caging, to learn more.

Mesh Partitions and Vault Solutions

Whether your concern is controlled substance storage requirements from the federal government, insurance liability for storing jewelry and precious metals, wire mesh partitions for your bonded warehouse, or you need server cages for your data center, International Vault has you covered.

We offer comprehensive, customizable solutions, meeting your security challenges affordably, with fast turnaround and complete installation services.

  • Wire Storage Cages for every purpose and meeting any/all required ratings for intended use.
  • Wire mesh partitions in standard 10-gauge or heavy duty 6-gauge wire.
  • Reconfigurable for a Lifetime of Secure Storage and Partition Duties.
  • Acquire Vaults and Perimeter Caging in One Easy Order.
  • Fast and Efficient Delivery & Installation.
  • Customize Your Storage Cage with Ceiling Panels, Cutouts, and Electric Doors.

At International Vault, our mission is to meet your security challenge with a single call to a single source.

Our caging, partition, and vault experts can determine your needs and assist in designing your space, as well as recommend the appropriate configuration of doors, gates, and vault security.

Our turnaround time from order to delivery is among the fastest in the industry, and our on-site installation teams assure no materials are damaged during the build, compromising site security.

Wire Mesh Partitioning

Our wire mesh partitions provide solid barriers against break-in, vandalism, and theft while permitting easy line-of-sight for security monitoring. Partitions also allow for the creation of sortation and quarantine areas for use in bonded warehouses accepting overseas deliveries.

Available in standard and heavy gauge, mesh partitions come with a variety of customizable panels, service windows, and doors. Uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Co-location facilities, equipment lockers, and storage in multi-family residential facilities.
  • Sortation areas in postal distribution centers and bonded warehouses, evidence lockdowns, and courthouses.

storage cageManufactured from recycled steel, our mesh partitions are carbon-neutral and qualify for LEED points.

Industries Served

With the Medical Marijuana Industry growing in the U.S. and Health Canada about to implement full legalization of cannabis in 2018, the need for product security has skyrocketed in both countries. At International Vault, we won’t leave you waiting when every hour without security costs you money.

Our Controlled Substance and Drug Storage Cages meet DEA standards for Class III, IV, and V Controlled substances and are compliant with Title 21, CFR Sections 1301.72 to 1301.76. Our wire cages meet all requirements set forth in Canada’s new Cannabis Act.

We enjoy a wide client base in all industries where security partitions are a must. These include the financial and banking sectors, pharmaceutical industry, communications and data centers, police and military weapons caging, classified document storage, warehousing and industrial caging, and even correctional facilities.

Interested in learning what International Vault can do for you? Call us today at 833-311-3132 or use our easy-to-complete contact form.

Great Product Features

wire cagingIn our efforts to meet all DEA and Health Canada controlled substance requirements, International Vault has brought exceptional wire cage products to market. These systems serve perfectly in an array of security environments and come with a long list of features.

  • We customize caging heights up to 50’, perfect for all warehousing needs.
  • Complete customizations with cutouts able to fit around on-site obstacles.
  • All hardware (pinned, brazed, or tamper-proof) is accessible only from inside the finished cage.
  • All panels are constructed of 10-gauge wire woven in a rectangular mesh of 2” X 1”.
  • Heavy duty 3/8” mounting hardware, with panels mounted flush to the floor.
  • Horizontal reinforcement every 60 inches; 2” square posts with welded base plates.
  • Ceiling panels are the same configuration and strength as wall panels.
  • Doors are self-closing and self-locking, with a variety of special door configurations available.
  • Electric locks, mag locks, and electric door openers are available.
  • We offer electric strikes compatible with most card reader systems.

wire cagingInternational Vault’s wire caging can be used as stand-alone storage or as perimeter security for our high-capacity modular vaults.

 Clients in need of our vault solutions can take advantage of the cost savings associated with one order, one mobilization of product delivery and installation. You save on labor while gaining the confidence of a sound installation where no security features have been compromised by a less than perfect build.

Attractive, Powder Coated Solutions

You’ll probably agree, the dungeon look is not appropriate for your ultra-modern data center, pharmaceutical facility, or evidence storage area. Our powder-coated caging and hardware bring a clean, durable, corrosion resistant finish to your storage area.

Available in a variety of colors, powder-coating helps every installation integrate cleanly and appropriately to the native architecture of your site.

The secure, open design allows for free circulation of air, good light penetration, and effective use of space. Visitors and clients are sure to be instilled with confidence and impressed by the integrity of the installation.

World Renowned Vaults

As our name suggests, International Vault has a world-wide reputation for providing high-end vault and secure storage solutions for every need. Our vault experts are ready to provide the optimum security solution for your unique application. What is your security challenge?

  • Precious jewels and metals.
  • Government and military solutions.
  • Pharmaceutical applications.
  • Financial services, including banks and credit unions.
  • Police and security applications.

Our product line includes vault doors and panels meeting GSA certification and UL standards.

Only with International Vault can you have a total vault and caging solution specially customized to your needs, assembled quickly and affordably, delivered with fast turnaround, and assembled on-site by our own dedicated experts.

Trust International Vault

With over 35 years’ experience providing high security installations around the world, the engineering team at International Vault Inc. is well equipped to discuss the physical security needs of any commercial or government operation dealing in high-value assets.

From the U.S. Pentagon to local police departments, from securing warehousing facilities to providing state-of-the-art safes for cash and valuables, International Vault is a world-wide partner in helping business and government secure value and deter theft.

Call us today at 833-311-3132 or use our easy-to-complete contact form. We’re waiting to hear from you.