Secure Transport of Cannabis

Armored Vehicle Solutions

It is essential that retail marijuana shops are equipped with exceptionally secure vaults to protect their revenue and products.  It is just as important that these assets are properly protected when they are transported by vehicles.  Armored vehicle solutions provide safety and security for the cannabis industry.

In February of 2018, 100,000 cannabis plants arrived at Vancouver International Airport, on their way to BC Tweed, the largest licensed cannabis greenhouse in the world!  The safe transport of these 100,000 cannabis plants was achieved via the use of armored vehicles.

Highly valuable commodities, like cannabis, present an increased risk of burglary. Further, since the marijuana industry is largely a cash-only business, the need to secure not only the marijuana products themselves, but the great amount of revenue these products produce, is critical.

Many states and areas throughout Canada even have specific guidelines for the secure transportation of cannabis.  In some areas, a properly armored vehicle is mandated by law.

International Vault Provides Superior Armored Vehicle Solutions!

At International Vault, we live up to our name with every service provided, including armored car vaults.

Our armored car vaults meet UL 608 certification standards for burglary.  They are also shock resistant, bullet proof, and can withstand extreme heat.

Our goal is to protect your wealth, worldwide.  In addition to the protection of cannabis and its generated revenue, our armored vehicle solutions protect:

  •    Cash from retail locations to banks and other financial institutions.

  •    Gold and precious metal shipments.

  •    Transportation of art collections.

  •   Jewelry distribution to retail locations.

If you are concerned with the secure transport of your commodities and/or cash, an armored car vault may be right for you. Contact International Vault today, and let us put our experience to work for you.

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With over 35 years’ experience providing high security installations around the world, the engineering team at International Vault Inc. is well equipped to discuss the physical security needs of any commercial or government operation dealing in high-value assets.

From the U.S. Pentagon to local police departments, from securing warehousing facilities to providing state-of-the-art safes for cash and valuables, International Vault is a world-wide partner in helping business and government secure value and deter theft.

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