Worldwide, financial institutions turn to International Vault for the highest level of security available today.
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Bank Vault

Our modular vault solutions are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified and General Services Administration (GSA) Approved.
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GSA and UL Rated

Medical Marijuana Vault

Pharmaceutical and Medical Marijuana Manufacturers around the world rely on the security provided by International Vault.
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Medical Marijuana

Police, Military Weapons Storage

From the Pentagon to local police and correctional facilities, our modular and custom vault solutions are exceptional.
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Military / Police

Exceptional Security, Legendary Vault Technology

At International Vault, Inc., we solve one problem: keeping your wealth and sensitive possessions secure. From precious metals and jewels to military munitions, we have custom and modular solutions that meet the needs of the largest financial institutions, the most discriminating estates, and even the security demands of the Pentagon.

Cost-effective pricing, along with the highest quality standards - including a GSA approval rating and UL underwriting- make International Vault the leader in modular vault technology.

Luxury, Utility, and Security

Why choose between a secure bland box and a luxury statement for your estate or financial institution? When you choose International Vault, our modular, customizable solutions provide hardened security without scrimping on the aesthetics of artful presentation.

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The Weapons Vault

At International Vault, we protect more than wealth. Military, Police, and Correctional Institutions rely on our affordable munitions stations and modular gun vaults. Whether your need is to store 30 rifles or 3000, we have a field proven, General Services Administration approved vault waiting for you.

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Safe vs. Vault | Vaults in the Medical Marijuana Industry

When you want to keep something valuable out of the hands of thieves, the words “safe” and “vault” come to mind. You may even use these words interchangeably. After all, most people don’t really understand the difference. Do you?

A vault is not only larger than a safe, but is most often a room-sized space or larger, where the walls, ceiling, and floor have been specially constructed and reinforced against intrusion. This room, the actual vault, is then equipped with a special vault door appropriate for the type of vault in place.

At International Vault Inc., we have the answers... Read More Here

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